Rock and Roll is going to Explode

Rock and roll music is going to come back, and it’s going to come back with a big bang, similar to the 1980’s, when bands like Van Halen first hit the scene. I’m a regular listener to Eddie Trunk, and he recently interviewed a band named Greta Van Fleet. Greta Van Fleet is a band from out of Michigan, and sound ‘strikingly similar’ to Led Zepplin, particularly in terms of the all around tempos, guitar parts, drums and eerie vocals. In other words, they’re a blatant copycat. A few weeks back, I started seeing little postings from angry Gen-Xers on Twitter, condemning this Robert Plant lookalike, uploading comparison photos of Robert Plant and Josh Kiszka, the singer of Greta Van Fleet. The photos featured a shot of Kiszka next to some of the iconic pictures of Plant from the ’70s. However, Kiszka, doesn’t necessarily look like Plant; he has short hair, and his clothes are more modern. But it’s obvious what these guys are doing.

Now, I see absolutely nothing wrong with this, because the guys from Led Zepplin are beyond retirement age, and I want to see rock and roll continue into the next age, and Led Zepplin is a great template. I’m thinking of the retro/reissue of products and how successful they are. You can’t argue with a perfect formula. Also, I listened to their interview with Eddie, and they never deny that they copy Led Zepplin, so it’s obvious that these guys have a pulse on what’s around the corner. Not only that, but this band plays VERY well, and I must say, I was captivated by them. It was such a familiar feeling when I pulled up their website, and saw the album cover, which features a very ’70s looking design.

This image can be found at:

Rock and roll still sells, believe it or not, but we’re overwhelmed with this synthetic junk that sounds like it was recorded by androids. This disgusting cancer is completely imbedded in Hip-Hop and top 40. I won’t name names, just flip on the radio, and you’ll get your answer. But rock and roll still stands its test to time, with numerous successful re-releases and remasters. In the late ’90s and early 2000s, stoner rock produced a bit of a surge, with bands like Zeke and Leadfoot, but never really made a mark on the map. Perhaps, the word ‘stoner’ had something to do with it, but nevertheless, great music just fizzled and I became depressed. When I heard the interview with Greta Van Fleet, I thought to myself okay, it’s a bit of a buzz and Gen-Xers are crying about a Robert Plant copycat on Twitter, but it’s just a band. I think my first reaction was wrong. If you take a look at their tour schedule, you’ll see that the band is selling out shows! Another indicator here, is that these guys are incredibly young, in their early 20’s, and they represent this age group, as far as I can guess.

To summarize, I think there’s a huge demand for rock and roll music. I think people are done with the robotic, synthetic junk that our corporate press pushes. People don’t trust what they’re told anymore, and they don’t like having junk shoved down their throat. I do talk to the younger generation when I can, and most tell me they like to surf around, looking for the oldies on Spotify. That’s a great thing. I love rock and roll, the guitars, the drums, the bass and the vocals, straight from the stomach. This throat-induced, overcompressed auto-tune garbage is becoming a thing of the past. Will we see another Van Halen, or another Black Sabbath? I don’t know, but I have a feeling that rock and roll is about to explode.

If you’re interested in hearing what these guys sound like, you can see their official video here:

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