My First Demo

Sometime around September/October of 1988 (I could be way off the mark), I recorded my first demo. It was for a band called Powertrip, and don’t confuse this with the Jeff Dahl’s band. You have to understand that we were desert rats, and didn’t have access to Los Angeles at the time, even though it was only 60 miles away. After the band predictably went kuputz, we began jokingly calling the group ‘Powertirp,’ which has always stuck better for me. I was 15 years old when I recorded this demo. I purchased a second-hand four track recorder from someone at school, and from there, I went to work. Me and the other members saved pennies and ended up getting a few items. This consisted of the following:

1 four track cassette machine
3 Super-Cardioid Microphones (Realistic/Radio Shack)
1 four channel Radio Shack microphone mixer
1 Realistic reverb unit (really bad!)

This is a replica of Powertirp's recording gear (minus the four-track and reverb)
This is a replica of Powertirp’s recording gear (minus the four-track)

It was a wacky time. We were all screwed up kids with abusive backgrounds, so the setup process was pretty chaotic. For example, I was the chief recording guru for our band, and they didn’t wanted to put their instruments down while I set things up. It was completely frustrating, to say the least. My head was completely rattled, and I honestly felt I could have gotten better levels had I been given ample time. But when you’re all kids with no discipline, that’s how things are. Nevertheless, I’m pretty proud of my first recording. At the time, I was up against some really big competition. There were a number of bands in the area that had money to go to the studio. We were completely DYI.

The crazy thing is that I actually have a four track I bought in 1993, along with the master tapes. I’ve recently pushed these masters into GarageBand, and I’m in the process of mixing it down, and enhancing what I can. After listening to the recordings, I’m pretty proud of my work, realizing that when I recorded this demo, I wasn’t old enough to drive. I even rode my bicycle to the Radio Shack to pick up the mixer! I hope to post this audio within the next couple of weeks here at GunterSounds.NET.

The personnel on this recording were:
Cesar Simo: Guitar
Jason Thornberry: Drums
Ron Tidwell: Vocals
Neil Gunter: Bass (Me)


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